Eve’s Farm — A Commission

What I loved about this place were the reflections in the water and the play of sunlight and shadows in the paddock. It is a very peaceful scene. Eve’s Farm is an Acrylic work, 120cm x 90cm.

Original image

25th August. The canvas was prepared with a slightly textured coat of gesso. The bottom half was base coated with an uneven layer of yellow green mixes and the top half painted a greyish blue. I outlined the creek banks with a dark brown mix.
I started to paint the reflections in the water with various mixes of blue, green and brown and roughly added the tree.

The reflections were highlighted in places.

Sunlight and shadows were added. Colour and character were added to tree trunks.
Some foliage was painted on LHS and more colour variation was added to grass on RHS.

The water was darkened with a wash of dark blue and more trees were sketched in. Detail of creek edge was painted.

Sunlight and shadows added on RHS and definition added to tree in foreground. Light and dark areas painted on trees and branch detail added to large tree. Some distant bushes were painted.

More trees were added with the shadows they cast. More attention to tree in foreground and dark bush on RHS. More detail was added to trees and branches.

7th September
The area of trees and grass was toned down with a light glaze of dark blue.
The finished painting.